OUR BRIDGE | Naš most

Photo credit: Ajdin Kamber

Strategy type (tool, event, training course, etc.)
Community art initiative for social inclusion of seniors

Scope of the practice (local, national, international level)

When did it start?

Naš most Zenica

City and country
Zenica, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Photo credit: Ajdin Kamber

1. Describe your project briefly
Naš most brings together seniors from Zenica and surrounding areas through artistic and cultural initiatives. Most association members hadn’t previously engaged in creative activities. They learn creative skills and teach one another. They develop new interests and meet new friends, which helps their mental health. The initiative is helping in changing the dominant public narrative and perception of elderly people as passive, isolated and with no interest in learning new skills.

2. What is the aim of the project? 
Social inclusion of elderly people through culture and art and changing the stereorypical perception of elderly population. 

3. Who was involved in designing process?
Naš most association, a local association that organizes artistic and cultural activities for seniors and persons with disabilities, has been one of the focal points for Zenica’s senior population since the beginning of 2013.

4. If you could change something, what would you change?

5. How do the project impact on civil society? 
The initiative is growing and more and more local civil society actors are taking part in it.


6. How do you evaluate the project’s impact?
It's an ongoing, ever growing initiative