Strategy type (tool, event, training course, etc.)
online open source tool

Scope of the practice (local, national, international level)


When did it start/end?
december 2016

Name of the organization
francesca perani enterprise

City and country
albino, italy


1. Describe your project briefly
cutoutmix: a free open platform as an answer to the growing need for more equal diverse and non stereotyped cutouts populating design renders.

2. What is the aim of the project? 
delivering open source tools to students and professionals in need for illustrations for presentations and architectural renders.

3. Who is involved in designing process?
2 more artists: Claudia Manenti and Ilenia Perlotti.

4. If you could change something, what would you change?
i would also play more with body size.


5. How did the project impact on civil society? 
its diffusion is creating awareness on younger generations of designers not only on the use of a more equal designed environment but also on a neede shift on the real target of every project.


6. How did you evaluate the project’s impact?
downloads on the website are very high at international level


7. Is there anything else would you like to share with us?
The goal of this project is to offer a new figurative environment for contemporary architectural drawings, embracing a peaceful, diverse, equal and inclusive vision of the designed future. It’s original and open sharing proposal stand also for no copyright infringements policy (characters are way too often borrowed from well-known works of art). 3 free sets of 500+ strong figures whose work transcends old clichés and trite gender stereotypes to present a collection marked by energy and cutting edge design, conscious of how much the choice of cutouts reveals about social norm. Original and authentic faceless photographs and two-dimensional illustrative figures, openly against trite gender stereotyped characters while offering broader and more realistic silhouettes reflecting inclusive contemporary life; all available in a variety of skin colour, different ability and a wider gender spectrum.