ART DEPOT and Creative Laboratory for People with Intellectual Difficultiesарт-депо.html


Strategy type (tool, event, training course, etc.)
Website for artworks of people with intellectual difficulties & workshops

Scope of the practice (local, national, international level)

When did it start/end?
since 2019 - ongoing

Maria's World Foundation

City and country
Sofia, Bulgaria


Ива Младенова

1. Describe your project briefly
Art Depot is a website which shows artworks created by people with intellectual difficulties from the Worlds Day Care Centre by Maria's World Foundation. The artworks are one of the results of the project "Creative Laboratory for People with Intellectual Difficulties" in partnership with National Art Gallery "Kvadrat 500" with the financial support of Telus International. The project "Creative Laboratory for People with Intellectual Difficulties" set-up a creative laboratory for people with intellectual difficulties at Worlds Day Care Centre. The Lab offered hands-on work sessions in four creative modules (pottery, painting, drama and music) and included six hands on sessions in each of the four thematic modules, 10 visits at cultural events related with the themes of the modules, an exhibition – special event for presenting the artworks and the Art Depot website.

2. What is the aim of the project? 

The aim of the project was to foster the clients’ ability to express themselves and develop their creative potential. The Art Depot website and the exhibition of the artworks targeted negative stereotypes towards the people with intellectual difficulties as unable, different or lacking creative talents.

3. Who was involved in designing process?
People with intellectual difficulties as well as actors, social workers, volunteers etc.

4. If you could change something, what would you change?
We plan on continuing the artistic sessions in the future.

5. How do the project impact on civil society? 
The project contributed for the overcoming of the problems of social isolation and marginalization of people with intellectual difficulties. The young people with intellectual difficulties often lead very isolated lives and have few opportunities to participate in artistic activities available for other people in the society. It is very enriching for the society to experience the artistic expression of the people with intellectual difficulties. Through this project the negative stereotypes towards those people are directly confronted. Art Depot website presents the best artworks from the artistic sessions and continues to be publicly available after the end of the project. During the Covdi-19 crisis, the project also started the first artistic sessions in online environment.

6. How do you evaluate the project’s impact?
Through multi-level feedback from the participants, their friend and families as well as all the viewers of the exhibition and the Art Depot website.